Toronto seen through a tourist eye


6 thoughts on “Toronto seen through a tourist eye

  1. Hey, thanks for following GW. Love your shots of Toronto. Wasn’t that view from the top of the CN Tower amazing? Looking forward to checking out more of your posts from now on.


    • I was in Toronto only for few days but I absolutely loved the city. Is something amazing in there, horizontal space created by Lake, vertical views created by this mix of buildings, and special atmosphere created by people.
      I really like the way you photograph things…It keeps viewer pause and look at them longer…
      I am sure I will enjoy following Your Blog! 🙂
      (Ps. Excuse my English, is my third language. )


    • 🙂 yes I like Toronto a lot! And I would love to come back to Canada! It’s such a beautiful country! A specially for a photographer! In mean time I will follow your blog with pleasure to my eyes!
      Have a nice evening!


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