Beautiful and aromatic Lilac’s


The story of lilac, according to Greek mythology, begins with a beautiful nymph named Syringa (lilac’s botanical name).
Captivated by her beauty, Pan, the god of the forests and fields, chased Syringa through the forest. Frightened by Pan’s affections,
Syringa escaped him by turning herself into an aromatic bush – the flower we now refer to as lilac.

lilac insect2

Lilacs are frequently considered a harbinger of spring, with the time
of their bloom signaling whether spring will be early or late.
In the language of flowers:

  • purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love,
  • white lilacs represent youthful innocence.

white lilac


5 thoughts on “Beautiful and aromatic Lilac’s

    • I know ….they smell really good!
      The French cosmetic company (Yves Rocher) even made a line of cosmetics (shower gel and perfume) with lilac smell.
      When I saw this perfume I bought it spontaneously…


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